Top Ten Reasons to Choose
The Montessori School of Pullman

1: Child Centered Learning

The Montessori teachers design an effective, individual learning experience for each child aged 2 to 9 years of age. Our programs focus on the children, not the teacher. Our multi-aged classrooms are specially prepared to encourage each child to actively participate in his or her learning.

2: High-Quality, Experienced Staff

All lead teachers and the director have university degrees as well as Montessori teacher certification which includes a full year of Montessori classes and an internship, equivalent to a master’s degree.  Our highly-experienced teachers have been teaching Montessori for many years. Our Montessori Beginnings teacher is an early childhood specialist.  Staff turnover is very low.

3: Secure Learning Environment

Our primary consideration in the design of our programs, policies and facilities is your child’s safety and security. Our classrooms are luxuriously equipped with high-quality, educational, hands-on equipment and materials. In this nurturing environment, learning blossoms.

4: Fun With Languages and Music Magic

The preschool and kindergarten children participate in language learning activities led by an experienced language teacher. Our Montessori French teacher introduces children to another language through songs, games, stories, puppets and plays. Music and body movement is a highlight of each week when our experienced music professional comes with drum, scarves, guitar and many instruments of music to lead the children in song, dance, rhythm and movement activities for an hour in each class.

5: Convenient Location

Located in Gladish Community and Cultural Center on Main Street just west of downtown, our school has large, brilliant daylight first-floor classrooms in this historic building dedicated to children’s services and the arts. Montessori children use a spacious, well-equipped outdoor playground and a full-sized gymnasium every day. Parking is plentiful. Another child care center, a private school, dance and music studios, and the WA-ID Symphony auditorium are some of Montessori’s congenial neighbors. It is the one-stop center for family services.

6: Family Flexibility

The Montessori School operates on a 10-hour a day schedule from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Three-hour a day, 4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour, 7-hour, 8-hour and 10-hour a day Montessori classes are available. We try to accommodate your child’s school hours to fit your schedule. Five year olds can do ½ day of Montessori kindergarten and ½ day of public kindergarten, with lunch at Montessori between sessions, to assist the transition in to public school. Before and after child care programs from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM are taught by Montessori teaching staff. Children can attend a child care center in the building or a dance or music studio in addition to their Montessori experience.

7: Best Practices

The Montessori School of Pullman adheres to best practices of the Montessori philosophy and approach to learning. 

"When examined through the lens of environmental enrichment and brain development, Montessori education presents a radically different-and radically effective-educational approach that may be the best method we've got to ensure the optimal cognitive, social, and emotional development of every child." -- Dr. Steve Hughes, President of the American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychologists.

You can hear one of his lectures, including parenting advice, by following the link:

Another of his websites worth visiting is

8: Parent Satisfaction

Parents are highly satisfied with their children’s experience, and credit the strong foundation received at the Montessori School of Pullman with their child’s later success. 

Constance C. Beecher, Ph.D, recently said "The Montessori experience was a vital part of my children's early development. The warm, enriching environment enabled them to explore and grow in all areas. Both continue to see the benefits of Montessori, especially in the area of math, because they had a great conceptual foundation."

Dawn Shinew, Lucinda's Mom, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning said "The Montessori School of Pullman was a wonderful place for my daughter to grow and learn. She blossomed there and regularly referred to Montessori as her "perfect school." She learned about what it meant to do hard "work," but also about how to relate to her peers in a caring and respectful manner."

9: Second Generation Students

Former students are returning to the school as parents.  They have fond memories of Montessori from their childhood and want the same experience for their children.

"One of the primary reasons why we moved back to Pullman to raise our children here was the community's commitment to education. The Montessori School of Pullman is a large part of that. To have a school of this caliber in a small community is a unique opportunity." -- Brent Carper, former student and current parent of an enrolled student

"Montessori was a great place to meet friends, learn and develop. Montessori taught me how to respect others. Montessori was a place where learning was fun and I was able to be creative." -- Michael Werner, former student and current parent of an enrolled student

10: Tuition Assistance

The Montessori School of Pullman is more affordable than you think.  For example, our after school program is $230 a month.  We offer tuition assistance and scholarships for qualifying families, and we also accept D.S.H.S. payments.

For more information contact:
Beverley Wolff, Head of School
or call (509) 334-4114

Calendar Highlights


3 – Final parent work day

17 – 18 Rummage Sale at Holiday Inn Express

20 – 24 Montessori Outdoor Science School for Maple and Spruce students

22 – Blood Drive 11:00 – 4:30

27 – Memorial Day – Montessori is closed


6 – Graduation ceremonies

7 – Sunnyside field trip and end of school picnic. Parents welcome

7 – Last day of school

10 – Summer School begins!

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